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I am studying Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) at American International University- Bangladesh (AIUB), Dhaka. AIUB is one of the leading university of the country and its Business School is one of the premium institutions of this region to study business related courses. 

I have already completed 5 semesters out of 12 semesters and studied 17 courses out of 42. I am planning to complete my study with a Major concentration in Marketing and a 2nd Major in Management Information System (MIS). Hopefully I will be doing my graduation in the year 2011. 

Then I have an aim to work with any leading local or multinational company to fully grow my potentials with practial experience. Beside that, I want to continue my furter study in Post Graduate leve; Masters of Businees Administration (MBA) in Management is my personal choice. After that I want to achive my PhD degree in any business related concentration.

 My Educational Background:                                                                               

Examination Name
Year of passing
School/college name
(Grade & GPA)
(in Commerce)
Adarsha School, Narayanganj
A (4.56)
(in Commerce)
Dhaka City College, Dhaka
A (4.70)

                                                             My BBA study progress                                               

Courses already studied:  
English Reading Skills & Public Speaking [Semester: Summer 2006-2007]  
Business Mathemetics 1 [Semester: Summer 2006-2007]  
Introduction to Business [Semester: Summer 2006-2007]  
Business Mathematics 2 [Semester: Fall 2007-2008]  
Financial Accounting [Semester: Fall 2007-2008]  
Principles of Management [Semester: Fall 2007-2008]  
Computer Fundamentals [Semester: Fall 2007-2008]  
Introduction to Behavioral Science [Semester: Spring 2007-2008]  
Basics in Social Science [Semester: Spring 2007-2008]  
English Writing Skills & Communication [Semester: Spring 2007-2008]  
Micro Economics [Semester: Spring 2007-2008]  
Business Communication [Semester: Summer 2007-2008]  
Macro Economics [Semester: Summer 2007-2008]  
Business Statistics [Semester: Fall 2008-2009]  
Basics in Natural Science [Semester: Fall 2008-2009]  
Economic Geography [Semester: Fall 2008-2009]  
Introduction to Programming [Semester: Fall 2008-2009]  
Courses Taken for Spring 2008-2009 semester: (starting from 10 January 2009)
Principles of Marketing [Section: D]
Managerial Accounting [Section: A]
Legal Environment in Business [Section: I]
Operations Management [Section: E]
Future Courses:  
Human Resource Management  
Total Quality Management  
Financial Management  
Marketing Management  
Research Methodology  
Management Information System  
Global Trade  
Project Management  
Entrepreneurship Development  
Strategic Management  
Internship + 10 Courses of Major Subject  
 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *   G R A D U A T I O N  * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *   

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