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Persuasive speech: Internet- The death of newspaper
Mahmudul Karim Farsad
American International University- Bangladesh


Internet - The death of Newspaper?
A. INTRODUCTION> Attention-Getter
Think about it; You have an ePaper with internet facility; then what will you do to know about the latest flooding situation of the country? or To know how many floors of Rangs Vaban are already been demolished? Yes. You will simply logon to www.prothom-alo.com or www.dailystar.com or any other online news site.
Yes. You are using the technology as a weapon to destroy the Newspaper. Yes. This is Internet which is causing the death of Newspaper.
If you have the internet facility on your home then you will think that why am I wasting 300X12=3,600 Tk. yearly? I can read the newspaper on the Internet. Then may be you will say good buy to your Newspaper Hawker.
Daily newspapers lost 1.2 million readers in the six months that ended in March down to 45.5 million. Online newspaper readership grew to 56 million. (Source: www.economist.com) Britons aged between 20 to 22 say he spend almost 30% less time reading national newspapers once he start using the web. For millions of readers like Britons and You, American Newspapers are loosing revenue to a rate of 0%.        
2. Bond > Link-to Audience
How many of you want to go abroad for study? Please raise your hands.
Well. What will you do to keep in touch with your country when you will be in abroad? I can say with guarantee that You will logon to any Bangladeshi Newspaper site. Because it is impossible to send you a Newspaper regularly from Bangladesh to Australia or UK.  
3. "Credentials" of Speaker (Credibility)
When I was preparing this speech, I required some data from the Newspaper. But it was hard for me to collect old issues of Newspapers and search data about an uncommon topic like this. But Thanks God that now I have the internet ready for me. You know, to be honest, I had got unlimited information by only One CLICK. Unbelievable? No, you have to believe it if you visit GoogleNews or YahooNews.
So, If I have this kind of option then why will I go to waste my time and dirt my hands by touching old Newspapers?
4. Destination / Objective Sentence
Today we are here to draw your attention to this particular issue that Internet is causing the death of Newspaper.
5. Explain my Map to my destination > Preview of Speech
What will we look at in the next few minutes? Firstly, a quick look at how the Internet is causing the death of Newspaper. Secondly, What is the future of Newspaper?
Now a days the whole world is heading towards the Internet News. Online Newspapers are taking the place of Print Media.
B. BODY of your Speech
1. Main Point #1
State Point 1                                              
For some unique features Internet is causing the death of Newspaper.
State a Reason
  • Online Newspaper can reach more readers.
  • It can give any news more instantly than Newspaper.
  • It provides Hyperlink for more news.
  • Cost of Newsprint paper is rising.
  • Free advertising is available in the Internet.
  • Easy access to Online Archives.
  • It provides video or audio clip of the news.
  • Old issues are easily accessible.
  • Nearly four billion trees worldwide are cut down annually for paper alone. So paper is not environment friendly.
  • Low cost of publication.
  • You didn't need printing presses, paper or delivery trucks. You didn't need a government license. You didn't even need a staff.
Give an Example
The San Jose Mercury News was the name of the first newspaper to go online. That was in 1994. This opened a world of endless possibilities for online news. Now a paper could have more content and more focused content available to the masses. This began their transformation from “newspaper companies to information companies”. Today 63% of internet users claim to read internet news every day.
Restate the Point
As the Internet Grows Up, the News Industry Is Forever Changed.
2. Main Point #2
State Point 2
What is the future of Newspaper? Can it continue under these circumstances, or is it ruined to death?
State a Reason
The rate of Newspaper readers are dramatically decreasing. The decline comes as readers, especially young ones, turn increasingly to the Internet for news. Advertisers are rushing to the Internet.
Newspapers have not yet started to shut down in large numbers, but it is only a matter of time. According to the Newspaper Association of America, the number of people employed in the newspaper industry fell by 18% between 1990 and 2004.
Philip Meyer calculates in his book “The Vanishing Newspaper” that within the year 2043 newspaper will be vanished from the world.
Give an Example
We have already been connected with the Fiber Optic Cable. The cost of Internet use is decreasing day by day. We can see new Cyber Café’s in the city. You can logon to Internet any time by using your Cell Phone. GrameenPhone is delivering their Internet service to the rural areas.
Restate the Point
So, we are heading towards the Internet. The Newspaper companies of Bangladesh are also aware of this fact. They have realized that the only way of their survivable is through the internet.
In fine, we can say “Internet is Internet; Newspaper is the substitute of Internet.”
        1. Again state your destination > Restate outcome or thesis:
Today we have discussed about the potential benefits of Internet News. We have stated this point clearly that the survival chance of Newspaper is very low in this digital era.
New generation is highly dependent on Internet. The use of Internet is increasing day by day. Online News sites are providing more facilities. Readers are passing more time before the Internet than Newspaper. We can hear the cry of Newspaper for survivable.   
    2. Restate main points:
State Point 1
For its unlimited features Internet is causing the death of Newspaper.
State Point 2
The growth of Internet has made the future of Newspaper difficult.
The Only way of survivable is by conversion to Digital Ink Media.
3. Call-to-Action:
We have given a new name of Online News: Digital Ink Media. 
Let’s start your day with this new world of Information. Digital Ink Media is ready to surprise you. Decide to read the Online Version of a Newspaper.  
4. Decision-Maker
We are so glad to inform you that we have a list of Online News sites addresses for you. It will be handed out now. Keep this list and next time when you use internet please logon to any site. I believe you will not be disheartened.
Use this free service at-least one time. It will be enough for you to discover Why Internet is causing the death of Newspaper.  
The world will go on to its own way. Things will be changed naturally. We have to loose something and also gain something.
We will loose Newspaper in near future.
We will gain a Digital World with Internet.
 -------------- End of Speech --------------


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